Wednesday, 1 May 2013

It's a good story, it's funny, you're a funny guy.

Knock Knock?

Recently a beautiful friend of mine started dating again (I can hear men all over the country whooping) and she got herself a right little catch.

In fact, she's completely and utterly smitten with the boy. Telling me all about him over coffee the other week she was giggly, glow-y, happy and generally everything that at the moment my single narcissistic self is not. 

 Whip out the ol' smartphone and away she goes scrolling on Facebook for his profile pictures to show me just how 'PERF' he is... surely these photos will be the cream of the crop, the best of the bunch, the top of the tree!


"Yeah he's cute"

"Well, that's not a good one, really..."


"Neithers that, or that... He's hot in person, I swear. He's really funny."

Ah-a! There it is, he's funny.
 Isn't it amazing sometimes, how a bloke with a good sense of humour is ten million times more attractive? Its (clearly) not his looks that has her smitten, it's his jokes.
(I'm not talking about ten tequilas later he says something about a dress on the bedroom floor, a cackle later and before I know it... stupid tequila goggles.)

Lets face it if Robert Downey Jr asked you out on a date I very much doubt any of you would decline: 

"hold up a minute, Rob. What's your best knock knock joke?" 

However, if he did deliver a cracking one liner (again, no bedroom, dress, floor gags) while being all sexy, suave, charismatic and generally wonderful and drop dead hilarious to boot, well that's just ticked all the boxes!

It doesn't matter if you're Ryan Gosling or Robert Downey Jr, if you can't make us laugh you may as well be Gollum. 

Just don't actually tell me a knock knock joke on our first date...

By the way, I kept this to myself. 
My friend is still completely smitten (boke) but he really is quite cute.



  1. My boyfriend is one of those men who THINKS he's hilarious but isn't. On a separate note, Goodfellas is one of the greatest films of all time. x

    1. hahaha, brilliant. Goodfella's is 100% in the top ten. xx

  2. If you are on the search, I hope you find a suitably funny guy soon, or he finds you :) my boyfriend makes me laugh and I think it's so important! Ok, so sometimes I'm laughing at him and vice versa, but it's all good right :) xx

    1. Thankyou! Haha, this comment made me smile :) xx

  3. hahaha I can't stop laughing over that honey boo boo mother, *still sink in hahaha.