Monday, 6 May 2013

The world's a playground, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it.

I wish social media wasn't so social.

Makes sense, right?

This topic came to me this week courtesy of a guy that sent this text:

“I’m going to Twitter stalk you later.”

It’s not as intimidating as it sounds, I promise.
He was looking for my blog. *insert terror here*

If you’ve read this post you’ll already know how much the idea of an online profile fascinates me. Don’t get me wrong, I gave in to the practice a while ago (MySpace selfies, anyone?) but it still leaves me feeling somewhat uncomfortable that a relative stranger can find me, and make judgements on that picture of a dog in an aeroplane I posted last week.. (that really happened).

This time around I’m thinking about the online profile in context of dating as opposed to employment (I’ve given up on the dream job search, but more on that later) and the more I thought about it the more I panicked.

Neither my Twitter nor my Facebook (both overloaded with pictures of animals, I swear I’m not a crazy pet lady…) reflect me in terribly positive light. But then that’s just the thing, they reflect me. Not the ‘image’ of me I’d prefer to put forward to potential employers or dates – the impeccable, confident, cool as a cucumber, street smart lady – but instead it's the stupid sense of humour, definitely doesn’t have her shit together – girl. 

image courtesty of ifb

I’ve never been the person to ‘like’ for liking sake, nor have I been the person to delete a status that gets no likes (seriously, my best friend does this all the time, within ten minutes she freaks the fuck out if that little blue thumbs up hasn’t adorned her typing) so why should I feel so uncomfortable at the thought of others reading the real me? I want my profile to show who I am, I enjoy putting out statues or images that I find true value in (see these funny dog pictures, I find value in them).

I’m going to work on losing the pretence of being ‘perfect’ and relax a bit more about my social media profile being accessible. This also includes letting more than my few close friends read this blog. 

Baby steps.

Do you worry about your social media profile?



  1. I myself get horror sticker at the thought of people from work or old school friends i no longer speak to finding my blog !
    Or twitter !
    I have somehow convinced myself that i have no one of real importance on
    Twitter so i just talk utter crap a lot of the time on there.
    I think i too need to work on just accepting how i am and not really caring if other people discover how phenomenally uncool i am !
    Love these kind of posts :)
    Launa xx

  2. I do sometimes worry about employers and since I'm friends with my mum on facebook and Twitter, there is a little self-regulation! But I think I'm myself, rather than a projection. I said on my blog yesterday that if I were to do a 100% honest instagram, it would be the sign-in sheet at my work and me in my jammies. Boring. We all edit ourselves to a certain extent x

  3. My blog is a secret from everyone in real life so I suppose I DO worry about it but it's more to do with the fact that I don't want them worried or upset if I talk about illness stuff. I'm glad you're keeping it real because you're hilarious and animal pictures are the best xxx

  4. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    I know the social presence fear all to well- my Facebook is private, no one needs to know how much I love my dog and eat.