Wednesday, 14 August 2013

You can't see what is good for you.

- Only God Forgives (2013).


For those of you that read my write up on Drive you'll know of my bordering on obsession love for a broody Ryan Gosling (aka my husband). So, as mentioned in this post I waited impatiently for the release of his new film - and last before an unwelcome hiatus *sob* - Only God Forgives.

Let me start by explaining that I really believe Gosling shouldn’t have been cast for this role – it’s a small role and I reckon the the character of Julian would have been a great starter for an unknown, an actor that could make some headway in the business through this film. As beautiful as his (albeit incredibly expressionless) face is, the non-acting was driving me nuts. Then again, I wonder if it would have got as much media attention if it weren’t for the Gos and Refn reuniting. 

The film is so highly stylized it started to wear me down about ten minutes in. Between the suspense building music, the suspense building silence, the suspense building neon light, the suspense building shadow, the suspense building footsteps, the suspense building lack of footsteps... I was honestly bored

The whole film felt to me like it was moving towards something that never really happened. Yes there was drama, yes there was violence - oh the blood - but there was such a lack of action that it never really felt like the film took off. 

Drug ring leader and mob matriarch Crystal (Kristin Scott Thomas) is something else altogether, complete with blonde extensions, fake nails galore and a tan to rival Katie Price I was ready for the character to really shake up the film. In all honesty that fell a bit flat, too. Undoubtedly the film's saviour is the haunting Chang (Vithaya Pansingarm... try saying that 3 times) winding through the film with the grace and airs of a ballet dancer armed with a samurai sword and emotionless expression, it really is something to behold. 

Having said that, my old drama coach Gordon Brown is in it (the ginger guy) - delivering a few mumbled lines of Scottish dialect... that's a bit interesting. Brown has starred in a few of Refn's movies to date, and I'm hoping he's made pals with the Gos and will bring him back to Scotland. Preferably sooner rather than later.

Only God Forgives was met with both hoards of applause and scores of booooo's at Cannes - it's a bit like Marmite, this one. A little bit haunting, a big bit confusing, think David Lynch meets the blood loving Tarantino and you'll have half an idea what to expect. 

Have you seen this? 
What did you think?



  1. Hey lovely- I've nominated you for the liebster award- check my blog for details!

    Becci x

  2. Ryan Gosling is my favourite I love him in Drive! I have also nominated you for the liebster award. check my latest blog post to find out all about it :-) xoxo

    Holly xxx

    1. Drive is pretty fantastic! Aw thank you :) x

  3. I think I'd be in the hate camp on this one I'm afraid but I might watch it anyway, just for the experience. I didn't think I'd ever see Kristen Scott-Thomas looking like that! x

    1. It's worth a shot! Haha yeah its a bit of a shock, bet she pure looooved it though! x