Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I want to lead a country one day for all I know.

- The Bling Ring (2013)

Like, OMG.


Okay, now thats out my system...

Sofia Coppola's new film is based on real life events, a group of Los Angeles teenagers who go around robbing the homes of the rich and famous. Normally I'm a fan of Coppola, but The Bling Ring falls short.

Question 1:Why don't these billion dollar stars have Mr Burns-esque protection dogs?!

 I'm not entirely sure the point Coppola is trying to prove - in some terms she is glamourising the crimes and raising the profile of the real Hollywood Hills burglars - I know I'm not the only one nosy enough to have googled the story after watching the film.

But in equal parts Coppola ridicules the teens to no end (see the blog title... ahem). I have to say the part I found most bewildering was the super skinny, super rich blonde girl 'gangsta'.

Besides that is Paris Hilton's pad... with Paris Hilton's face everywhere.
Seriously, everywhere.

I later found out the scenes in the film are genuinely filmed in Hilton's home... I 100% thought Coppolla was taking the piss, but apparently not!

The film is interesting enough, but nothing to write home about. It reminds me of a sub-par Spring Breakers. Frankly, the story could have warranted a much better documentary... 
Next time, maybe?

Have you seen The Bling Ring?


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  1. I did want to see this film, mainly because it's Sofia Coppolla and Emma Watson. I did see a documentary on the real bling ring and it's quite an interesting topic.

    Thanks for reviewing :)

    How-Lovely Blog

    1. Ooh I'll have to look for the documentary! xx

  2. i was so disappointed with the trailer for this! didn't look like it had anything on 'the perks of being a wallflower' aha- glad i didn't bother going to see it now :') very cute blog, would be lovely if you could check mine out when you get a chance :) given you a cheeky follow too!

    Becci x

  3. Emma Watson said Paris Hilton's home was a problem when filming because it seemed like they were exaggerating it when they weren't- she actually did leave her key under the mat. I was excited about this but the reviews haven't been very good :(