Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Your stunned silence is very reassuring.

- Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Guess what colour these jeans are? Go on, guess!

G-g-g-g-g-g-reeeeen! They're very blindingly bright, and at £14 a total bargain.

They are so bright that I got a few awkward stares today, s'alright though - I'm packin' pretty junk in the trunk.

But they are definitely brightening (haaa!) my mood - I'm willing it to stay sunny, come on March, BRING IT.

jeans: george @ asda     jumper: urban outfitters     necklace: gogo philip     hat: charity shop
this is my happy face.

Needless to say despite the sun I was still wrapped up in boots and a jumper, but hey, a girl can dream right?

The jeans are super comfy soft denim, but I had to give in and accept my 'womanly curves...not chocolate related' can no longer fit in size 10 skinnies. ITS OVER. 

Also, note mama bear's shadow in the left photo & the triplets from Brave chillin' on my shoulder in the right. 


boots: kurt geiger     mud: optional

Have you had better weather where you are?

Dig out the brights!

Oh, monochrome is trending right now? Oops...



  1. haha who cares if monochrome is trending, those jeans are amazing! i read your post about sabrina, you're right that really is some kind of weird fate :D was lovely to meet you also xx

  2. I'd definitely pick colour over monochrome! These look really lovely on you, lovely and Springy! Think I need to inject a bit of colour to my denim collection!
    Sophs xx
    The Sopho Diaries

  3. He he - love the black and white opening to this post. What a great colour:

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    I am also running a giveaway if you would like to take a look :)

    Thanks - Charlie xx LurchHoundLoves.com | Fashion & Beauty Blog

  4. I swear I was definitely going to guess this colour haha!
    I love them <3

    you look stunning hunny :)

    UK High Street Fashion

  5. Brave is the best! You're so cute ^^
    I love color too much to give it up.
    The weather is cold here too ! I can't wait until I don't have to wear leggings everywhere :P

    1. thank you!

      definitely, waiting on that sun re-appearing... xx

  6. LOVE the colour of your jeans! gorgeous :) x

  7. Love the hat and your jeans are amazing, you look gorgeous!

    A little bit Unique


  8. Absolutely love those jeans. I would never have the confidence to pull them off but you look fab in them


    1. aw i'm sure you would, nab a pair and you'd be surprised.. xx

  9. Love the little bears lurking in the background of your pictures, they made me double take! You look adorable, I love your sweatshirt too!

    E x

  10. This colour suits you so much!! Are those triplets from Brave on your front door?? If so that is awesome :) someone told me today that the good weather is over from tomorrow :( please don't let it be true! xx

    1. hahah it is indeed.

      yeah - snow today! SAD FACE. xxx

  11. Oh god I LOVE this outfit! Your photos are amazing too (esp the one with the bears from Brave! EPIC) WOOO for bowler hats, we are just SO cool!

    Your hair looks so gorgeous and shiny too :)

    Amy x cocktailsinteacups.blogspot.co.uk

    1. hahahah YEAH we are! thankyou lovely! xx

  12. Love them, so pretty :) and the bears from Brave, hell yes hahah! xxx

  13. love those jeans! & they fit you SO WELL! (i'm having a jean crisis of late haha). & yessss to warmer, sunny weather finally on it's way (i hope)
    xx Corinne