Monday, 4 March 2013

Trust me, it's paradise.

- The Beach (2000).

I'm a DIY queen.

So while I was absent last week I got down and dirty in B&Q and decorated my room. 

It all started with a wardrobe clearout... I threw out clothes, jackets, shoes (i know, shoes!) then started on the rest of my room... books, boxes, general nick nacks... and a lot of crap. 

When did I get so much stuff?!

I took it a step further yet, and started chucking out furniture. 

Then came the wallpaper. I had originally planned to only 'tidy' but hey, once you start eh?
I decorated this room when I was 15, and it was black, white, and red. 
I was going through a bit of a ... stage...

Now though! I ripped up the carpet and laid a new one ALL BY MYSELF! Painted the walls & ceiling (with an open mouth, what a tit. Emulsion ain't sweet) and packed it with some nice new furniture. Flat pack is not my friend.

The hammer, however...

I have yet to locate all my jewellery, after packing everything away to decorate... I'm more than a little bit concerned I threw it out without realising. eek! 

The trunks on the right are a good few years old, found in TK Maxx and filled with crap ever since. I also really need to clean my mirror. The gold mirror on top is an antique, passed on from my nan... it is now home to hair clips. classy.

The title image is from the canvas you can see in the corner here (B&M Bargains!) I'm rocking a bit of a beachy theme. Fresh flowers were a birthday present, but I think I'll keep buying them.

The little candle holder has 'Margaret' in cut out holes - another present, so cute!

I also finally managed to get my hands on a bookcase.

I took a leaf from Alex's book and colour co-ordinated my library.
Apart from the big A4 books. That was impossible.

Mama bear bought my new duvet cover - very pretty!

My room is such a nice, calming place to be now. 

I've definitely left my 'rocky' teens behind me!

What do you think?



  1. wow your room looks so nice! i recognize your duvet cover, is it from m and s? i have a similar one.

    my room really needs decorating, 8 year old me wanted to live in a lilac and hot pink bedroom but ten years later I've moved on. redecorating when i've finished exams :)

    where's your jewellary hanger from? it's awesome.

    1. thank you love! i actually think its from Morrisons! Such a lovely pattern, though.

      I was in the same position love! Its such a nice feeling.

      It's from B&M Bargains, £7 - couldn't resist! xxx

  2. It's coming together. I love it when rooms have lots of knick knacks to check out. The flowers are a nice touch.

    The Nautical Owl

  3. Your room is so cute! And the bedding is really lovely, gives me motivation to finish sorting mine out lol

    A little bit Unique


    1. Thanks! Haha, yeah, keep going! Its worth it in the end! xx

  4. It looks really lovely!
    I'm going through my things now because I'm moving. it's all stuff I've had for more than ten years, it's crazy!

    1. Thank you!

      Oh god, good luck! I know the feeling! xx

  5. Ah I can relate to this post so much! Nothing is better than that feeling of satisfaction after a thorough cleaning session though right? I painted all my walls plain white after my messy teenage room phase and haven't look back relaxing. Fresh flowers and candles are such an essential nowadays.

    (P.s you should definitely be proud of laying a carpet too- I'd be too scared in case I left a lump or bump in it. )

    1. TOTALLY.

      It feels so fresh & relaxing :)

      (I'm so impressed with myself, causally telling anyone that will listen I LAID A CARPET!) xxxx

  6. Looks loveeeeely! I need to do my room up, come helllp me? You get to knock a wall down, you and your hammer up for that? xxx

    1. Hahaha ohhhhh yes!

      My hammer has a pink handle, girl friendly, right? xxx

  7. Yessss! I love this post! Especially the stacked trunks as a vanity unit, those are amazing. Also, I thought that bookcase looked familiar ;) And I spy a wee Snowy dog on there too! xxx