Saturday, 9 March 2013

Everybody seems to be using that line these days.

- Definitely, maybe (2008).

Timing is not my strong point.

here Mags, fancy taking a bit more care of those eyebrows? jeeeez

Sorry lads. Valentines was months ago, and I do hate to drag up all the agro that goes with it again a month later but I'm going to anyway. Strap yourself in.

I popped my blogger event cherry towards the end of February, and oh was it fun! 
(get your mind out the gutter)

The event was organised by the wonderful Gillian, Lianne, Jenn and Juliet - it was a fantastic evening and I hope the girls are very proud.

My friend and oft mentioned fellow blogger Alex and I were a little late - as a result of Sally sat nav croaking it halfway to Edinburgh and me (with the directional capabilities of a goldfish) getting lost for 45 minutes and ending up half way to Glasgow. 

The evening consisted of cocktails, speed dating and raffle prizes. Winner all round.

As I am, frankly, an awful blogger (and was far too interested in the little chocolate heart table decorations... ahem) all the above photos are from the wonderful Louise of Love From Lou Lou!

Below is a list of the lovely ladies I was lucky enough to meet, I strongly suggest having a peek at these little beauties of the blog world:

phew, that isn't half a link heavy post...



  1. Sounds like an awesome event, I really wish I could of gone but I was away that weekend. It would of been lovely to meet you and drink some cocktails!

    Amy x

    1. it was a lot of fun! we'll need to do that at some point, definitely! xx

  2. You all look gorgeous and sounds like such a fun event!

    A little bit Unique