Saturday, 16 February 2013

This is the first time I've seen you look ugly, and that makes me happy!

- Bridesmaids (2011).

Are we our own worst enemy?

It's that age old issue; women and weight.

Like so many others, I had a Bridget Jones-esque new year resolution list including:
Lose weight, lose weight, lose weight, oh and lose some weight.
(there is a problem with this plan: i love food and i'm incredibly lazy)

Girls, admit it. We've almost all done it - unfairly judged another girl on her appearance. Called her fat, when we know she's not. No wonder millions of girls are constantly on a diet under the pressure to 'get skinny' or 'look good naked'. 

Most men I know really don't care about the size of a woman, and frankly any man lucky enough to have you naked in his bedroom really doesn't care about that cellulite.

Some of the most beautiful women I've ever seen are 'plus size' (including my stunning mother - neon pink hair and all).

Robyn Lawley (UK Size 16)

Its that comparison that does it - we all do it don't we? Look at someone in the street, a fellow blogger, a celebrity and think:

"God I wish I had her body."

I'm going to learn to be happy with mine the way it is, after all, if I reeeeally wanted to lose weight I wouldn't be down the gym once a month then celebrating my fitness achievement with a massive Chinese takeaway. 

Ladies, there are some awful men out there ready and willing to judge us so why, why do we insist on judging each other? What ever happened to girl power? 

I'll sing some Spice Girls hits if it would help...

Can we erase the word 'fat' from the dictionary?*

Pass the chocolates. Writing this post has made me hungry again.


*I'm going to clarify this, can we erase the use of the word 'fat' in a negative context, please! This was brought to my attention by the really wonderful Launa from Wowsville!

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  1. I think the answer isn't erasing the word fat
    Its embracing it !
    Fat isn't a bad word its just a describing word !
    Its the negative way in which people use it that makes it a dirty word.
    I think the only way to be happy is to try and accept yourself the way you are !
    I definitely think we need to embrace girl power though !
    There is enough hate in the world without us girls ganging up and judging each other !
    Great post :)
    Launa xx

    1. Aha! Very good point, I like that. It's all about the context. :) xxx

      ps. 'Fatshion' is without a doubt my new favourite saying! Amazing!!

  2. What a LOVELY post! I loved reading this and it made me feel great about myself (since I'm no longer the skinny minnie I was before I had my daughter). I'm going out with my best friends next Saturday for the first time since December 1st 2012 and none of them have kids so I always feel like crap next to them.. however I plan on remembering this blog post and not giving a crap! I look good for a single mum of 24!

    Amy x

    1. you have something better than a skinny minny frame: you have Little Miss! xx

  3. LOVED this post! It was so clever and definitely the word fat is a horrible word, people each have beautiful qualities to them

    A little bit Unique


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  4. Well said! I've started at the gym and I'm really enjoying it. I see myself piling the pressure on though and I'm already going 5 days a week! I always think of it that I get my body from my family and it's all I'll have of them when they go- their DNA in me in the form of short legs and a big head :)

    1. Thats such a lovely way to think of it!

      Although I have to admit I grump to my mum all the time: "ta for the 5" gene... I treasure it."


  5. This is such a nice, refreshing thing to read. I'm tired of reading about calories, diet tips, low fat meals, 30 day shreds, and god knows what else we are told and forced to read! We definitely are our ow worst enemies, which makes it all the more important to come together and be nicer to each other! :)

    1. Thank you :)

      Trust me there will be no diet tips here and I have no idea what a 30 day shred is?!?

      Though I may tip off where the best takeaways in Fife are... ahem. priorities. xxx

    Very clever.


  7. Amen to that! I've just joined the gym, but only because I am unbelievably unfit and the first rule to surviving a zombie apocalypse is cardio. xxx

  8. Everyone should just embrace themselves as they are, as long as you're happy and healthy then that's all the truly matters. xxx