Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The internet's not written in pencil, it's written in ink.

- The Social Network (2010).
Is your online you, you?
Ooh she's thinking again, we're in dangerous territory...

At a long overdue lunch with my girls yesterday we got chatting about my fave social networking site and its relation to the typical agenda of graduate job hunting. 

As you all know, I am still a lowly graduate on the hunt for that ever elusive decent* job. 

My friends have been advised by their tutor to either delete or adjust their online presence so they are undetectable to potential employers. As standard my Facebook profile is 'private' and I don't think I write anything terribly offensive or incriminating on my Twitter (other than typical weather woes) so I'm not entirely sure of my next steps. 

I can see to a certain degree why employers would give your Facebook a swift search, but really future employers please do not take my Facebook as, well, me

I promise I will not wander around the office with a fake moustache on or pull funny faces after an armful of G&T - but on my days off, why shouldn't I?

not my most flattering angle. gid night, though.

Do you think it's right that employers have the ability to judge your workplace demeanour through your online presence? Would you, or have you already, made yourself undetectable online?

Just a thought.

What are yours?


*I love the jobs I have, by decent I mean one full time position in the right career path. It's the dream.

I do not own the first two images. Unfortunately, that last one is indeed mine...


  1. I made a conscious effort to make my Facebook private !
    I had to sign something at work ( next ) not so long ago saying i would not talk badly about the company online and if they found i had it could lead to dismissal !
    I have also heard stories of companies asking people for their bbm and twitter so they can keep track of them !
    I can understand a company wanting to get a quick look at a future employee.
    But as you say your clearly not going to behave the way you do when you go out as you are in your job.
    I don't think it should heavily influence an employer !
    Launa xx

    1. I can't believe they made you sign something! Workplaces think that this is the way to get their employees to fit into the rounded mould of the 'perfect worker' but a massive missing element is mutual trust & respect.

      thank-you for reading and leaving your opinion!! xxx

  2. Like you my facebook is private but that's not because of employers I just don't want any old tom dick or harry to look all around my internet life - its weird.
    But I find it really bizzare that employers facebook people, I'm sure as an employer I wouldn't do this because like you said I am very aware that MY facebook is not ME.
    Facebook is to share with your friends, only people you get on with at the same level, who you can have a laugh with and who you want to share parts of you life with that they may not have been there for. So for example I like looking through photos of my friends holidays and see what they did on nights out etc.
    It is NOT for employers, people you do not know and clearly do not socialise with, you didn't invite them to your private online party ith your firends so why should they feel that they are allowed to gate crash?
    I'm not one for saying 'its an outrageous invasion of my privacy' because like you I don't really feel there is anything offensive on my profile, and I'm not exactly ashamed of my online self - but there are certain ways you act in different situations, and facebook is a friends only zone, so why an employer would think that was the same as the professional you I have no idea. And if they do think that they probably aren't worth working for!

    Wow. I ranted for a lot longer than expected! I might do a post on this myself I clearly have a lo of issues! hahaha

    1. I totally agree, I feel if I was an employer I wouldn't judge potential staff by their facebook, fact I don't think I'd even look for it.

      I love the idea of them 'gate crashing' your social life, thats exactly what is happening. Unfortunately we can't say it's like an invasion of privacy as nothing is private on the internet.

      Brilliant wee rant my love - I really enjoyed reading it! Thank-you! xx

  3. I hate this! In my last job but one someone got FIRED for posting something about a horrible running with the boss on FB.. the worst thing is some other employee ALERTED the boss to it.. until then he hadn't been bothered about stalking us via FB. My dad also deleted his temporarily while he looked for a job.

    My fb is private for other reasons and I've made sure if you google me, nothing comes up apart from my address thing. I also keep my surname off things and simply have my middle name, again making it harder for me to be found.

    I guess it's like this as the job market is so competitive these days, but like you said, online you isn't the same as professional work you. It's so frustrating that we are expected to not have an outside life!

    Amy x

    1. Oh my god! That's awful that another employee would intentionally sabotage someone. What happened to respect for your colleagues? Ugh.

      I know a few people that have done that, or have split their name in two: first name Lu, second name Cy. It's a clever way around the system, but isn't it awful that we have to?


  4. I think it's so wrong that employers or possible employers are allowed to snoop around your private life for ammunition as to why they shouldn't employ you or they should fire you! I think everyone is entitled to do whatever they want in their own personal time. My Facebook is private, just because I prefer for only people I know to be able to see my profile and my photos, and I don't use Twitter. I don't think that anyone who knew my name could type it in and find my blog, either. But if they did, that's ok, because I'm ashamed of nothing :) that photo is great! There are so many photos like that on my (and I'm sure everyone else's) Facebook - and why not! xx

    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion here, I totally agree with you and ammunition is exactly what they're looking for! xxx

  5. I think it's really wrong that employers can see your private life, to an extent it's discrimination. I'm sure that they are not all angels that sit in their houses making no social contact at all on their days off, so why should we?

    A little bit Unique


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    1. Very good point - I wonder if the potential employer on the other side of the computer has ever had drunken photos on Facebook? Hmm.

      Thank you for your comment! xx

  6. I think you are who you are. My current employer really understands me and accepts me for the quirk I am. I am truly lucky.

    But when employers look at your facebook, all they are doing is judging you. And I am very against judgement.

    "Stop all criticism. It's a useless act. Don't criticize yourself; lift that burden from yourself...Thinking negatively about another person is one of the greatest causes of limitation in your own life. Only we judge ourselves, not Life, not God, not the Universe." -Louise Hay, Empowering Women

    1. Hahah, the 'quirk'! Love it. Yes, I agree - I wouldn't change my personality to get a job, but at the same time in this market I've certainly found myself thinking I'd do anything.

      Brilliant quote, my new motto for sure; thanks for sharing :) xxx

  7. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog.
    My college and university tutors told me to censor my online presence too but I haven't. I don't think employers really check up on you before offering you a job

  8. I don't see what right employers have to judge what you do in your spare time. As long as you turn up for work and do your job, it has nothing to do with them. I would say the only exception to that would be teaching, as the teacher's life could be made so difficult for them if their students found inappropriate material
    I'm friends with my mum on facebook and she also follows me on Twitter so that keeps me in check, as I always imagine what her reaction would be to anything I post. x

    1. Hahahah that's a great way to monitor yourself! xxx