Friday, 15 February 2013

Ogres have layers.

- Shrek (2001).

Oh you beautiful blue sky,
ye bit fat lie!

Like my little poem? I'm quite pleased with that.

It's still freezing, folks. Stupid blue sky tryin' to fool me. Time to layer up! 

See this? Looks nice eh? It's not. There's still snow on the ground... cryyy.

shirt: topshop (old)     top: charity shop (topshop)     jeans: new look     

snood: accessorize     necklace: miss selfridge   

note my jacket on the ground. classy lassy. 
ps. hello double chin

boots: kurt geiger     thermal babe socks: mama's (again) 
mud courtesy of the farm roads. i lead a glamourous life.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines day and got thoroughly spoiled however you spent it! 
My OH (the romance king) gave me this DVD

I'm a lucky lady.

More importantly this Valentines day, I did something I had been meaning to do for a very long time - registered for Organ Donation. Its super quick to do online here, and if you've been intending to I strongly urge you go ahead and take 2 minutes out from scouring the blogosphere for this very worthwhile cause.

I'm ready for Winter to go away now.

Til' next time, stay cosy!


ps. I want to take a moment and send out huge lovin' to all the wonderful people who left comments on my last post, I really appreciate your honest & thoughtful opinions on such an interesting topic and I loved reading them. Thank-you! 


  1. Looking lovely and cosy here :) xxx

  2. I love your outfit. I'm so desperate for a biker jacket, where is yours from? And yes, I agree, it's all about layering up in this weather!

    I joined the organ donation register when I was pregnant, such a good cause :)

    Amy x

    1. Thank you! Ah its absolutely ancient - I bought it in the sale from George @ Asda and I'm pretty sure its age 15-16... ahem xxx

  3. Love your layering here, luckily where I live it wasn't too cold today :) Spring may finally be appearing! Iona xx

    1. thank you! ugh, i wish it would hurry up and hit here! xx

  4. I love your style, the bag is so pretty

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Giveaway here

  5. I love your outfit! Especially the bag, and cute layering <3

  6. great bag!! I like your style, what about following each other?

  7. Super cute outfit, love the styling of the shirt poking out of the jumper. Also need to register for organ donation myself!

    // xx