Saturday, 5 January 2013

I love you but you don't know what you're talking about.

- Moonrise Kingdom (2012).

Happy New Year!

(read: Happy January sales!)

Casually perusing the Topshop sales, I spy a beautiful pair of tailored plum trews, just a few hangers away... beside the long legged bomber jacket wearing sales shopper, "can I get there before she does?" The other girl moves closer... She has her hand on the hanger and lingers for a moment. Christ please don't pick them up! 

She does. Of course she does. 

I gaze longingly as she carelessly wanders off with them over her arm. Frantically I search where they were, maybe there's another pair? Maybe that isn't the spot for them and they'll be elsewhere on the rails? No avail. I enter panic sales mode and for some reason, I feel the need to make a purchase of something. Anything! "It'll be a bargain", I convince myself.

I opted for a non-sales item, which I'll no doubt be debuting here shortly (it's a gem). When i got home I decided to have a little peek online, maybe I'll find the holy-grail-plum-tailored-trews...

I'm starting to think I imagined them. When I regaled the sales story to my other half he didn't seem terribly impressed, instead stared at me for an unsettling length of time probably wondering what he's got himself into. 

I did however find a few wonders online, including this beaut:

I'm seeing a bit 'west-end market' style here. Where are these people wearing neon pink leopard print baseball caps? This is why I love personal style so much - I bet someone can pull it off. (Vicky Pollard?) 

But really, all joking aside it's refreshing to see someone wearing a brazen metallic gold puffa jacket and looking, well, cool. My style isn't to everyone's taste (flouro boucle pelmet skirt? gimme) but I wear what I'm comfortable in, and I love that someone can be comfortable in, well, this...

Or maybe not. That's why they're in the sale.



  1. Argh the sales! Hahaha. I hate them but always want to find something I go in at the mercy of the sale rails!

    Nice post :)
    Following you!

    1. I'm just such a cheapskate, the idea of a bargain (ANY bargain!) is too tempting!

      Thank you! I've just had a little read of your blog, you got some gems in the sale, very jealous...

  2. Hahaha this post is really funny, that is always me, the girl who watches someone else get to that item of clothes first!

    Thanks so much for the follow and the comment!

    Alexandra Lauren Rose