Saturday, 29 December 2012

I choose vodka. And Chaka Khan.

- Bridget Jones' Diary (2001)

365 Days Later

2012 has been a heck of a year for this twenty something, between graduating
and celebrating at the amazing grad ball (this dress cost £20!)

Turning 21...
why I was trusted to open the champagne I'll never know!

Holidaying it up with my pals (no tan, just sunburn boooo)

and falling in love (aaah!)

It's safe to say I've had an absolute ball.

Only a few days away is Hogmanay, my favourite time of the year. Scotland especially, seems to go nuts for 31st December... and I'm happy to tag along, G&T in tow. 

Now. New years resolutions on the other hand is something I'm never particualarly happy about. I don't think I've ever kept one! This year shall be different! (maybe)

1. Quit bad habits (or at least some of them)

2. Spend less!

3. Reduce size of arse.

4. Attend gym, so as to complete resolution 3.

5. Get one, full time, well paid, grown up job. (a girl can dream)

6. Be punctual (ie. buy a watch. but a cheap watch, so as to stick to resolution 2.)

God this is getting complicated already.

2013. Come at me BRO. 

What are your resolutions? Do you stick to them?



  1. looks like you've had a great year! buying a watch is one of my resolutions too :) congrats on graduating! hope 2013 is amazing for you xxx

    1. aw thank-you! all the best for 2013! :) xxx