Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Guest Post #3

I ought to be somewhere in Malaysia now... exciting! Keep up to date with my travels via Twitter (@mmargaretssmith) and my Instagram (@exxploring). The third in my series of guest posts is by the lovely Iona, of Iona Blog, who I had the privilege to meet this year at the Scottish Bloggers Valentines party. She is an absolute doll, and the hardest working lady I know (take a holiday, missy!) so I'm honoured she took the time to write this for me, and about a topic I am particularly passionate about also...

Thank you, Iona! 

I'm what I like to describe as perennially single, far too busy for a boyfriend and life in a small town is never a great contributor to that ol' conundrum, pretty sad really, I for see the cat lady life ahead of me. Recently I turned 21, greeted with a myriad of well wishers, birthday cards and gifts, two of the aforementioned gifts have crystallised my belief that there is only one man for me. Gifts involving perhaps my favourite mythical husband who you might ask, well the one and only of course; Ryan Gosling. 

Really doesn't need much more elaboration on that, who wouldn't be elated to have that beautiful face on a t-shirt and a notebook, both were gifted by separate friends who do not know each nor have they ever met, leading to one conclusion. It's obviously meant to be, or they've just caught on to my love affair (Read, fictional fantasy) with the man in question.

But it's ok to 'love' Ryan Gosling, as one of the least likely (someone heavily into metal music) guy friends I have said even he would, must be ok then.

Basically the next time someone asks me why I don't have a boyfriend I'll tell them it's cause I'm with Ryan (read, wearing my Ryan Gosling t-shirt, writing notes in my Ryan Gosling notepad whilst watching The Notebook).

It also appears I may have confirmed to myself whilst writing this that I will indeed be forever alone and have whilst guestposting painted a picture of myself as a complete pyschopath/stalker/crazy lady... good one hey Iona?

What this crazy 'cat lady' post is really trying to get at is hey, it's ok to be single, it doesn't matter if you're the 'single friend' cause I guess in the end we'll all find our real-life Ryan Gosling's maybe? or buy a hundred cats and be happy either way? Swings and roundabouts, at least I guess I'm lucky I don't take myself too seriously...

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