Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Hi, I'm Margaret, and I have commitment issues. 

I've been MIA. Again. Commitment issues.
Sorry about that.

Recently - lol, no it was March - HOW is it July?! - I was lucky enough to take a trip with my pals to Amsterdam to celebrate (commiserate) my 23rd birthday. Of course, we took in all the cultural sights, the sex museum... the torture museum... the cat museum... (What is my life?)

After a box of wine and a manic late night dress-swap-come-packing-challenege, the morning of our flight felt very, very early indeed. One thing for it, cider in the airport because WE ARE STILL YOUNG AND CAN TOTALLY DO IT.

One flight and one train ride later, we were here. All very simple. Time for beer.

"A whole pint? Dutch girls don't drink beer..." Off to a healthy start then.

Obligatory beautiful bicycle lined Amsterdam street. 

Equally obligatory hostel selfie.

Having issues at the Iamsterdam sign - that 'd' is slipper than it looks (no pun intended, I swear.)

Cat museum, with ACTUAL cats. Crazy cat ladies forever.

Torture museum panic.

Sex museum panic (my mum seen this photo. proud moment for all of us.)

After a day of such cultural activities (they were all museums after all) it was time to get them dancin' shoes on and hit the town, quite literally...


Not so happy at being actual 23 and hungover as sin. 

Amsterdam taught me three things: I definitely have the best pals ever; I am definitely not young anymore; and I definitely cannot handle all weekend benders anymore. Oh, woe.

Welcome back into my catastrophic life, bloggers. 



  1. Haha.. Your photos are awesome! I really need to get myself to Amsterdam. More posts like this please.

    pierrelecat | fashion jewellery blog

  2. Amazing photos! That sex museum one is particularly priceless ahaha! xxx

  3. Welcome back lady! Great post to come back with haha, cat museum!? I had heard that Amsterdam have cat cafes, but that's on a whole other level! Looks like such a fun trip, happy belated birthday! xxx