Thursday, 6 February 2014

I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy...

-- Notting Hill (1999)

It's February!

February means there's really only one thing people all over the world are thinking about, my birthday! 
Jokes, I obvys mean Valentine's...

If you're a hardened reader of my wee blog, or if god forbid you've heard one of my moans in person you'll be more than familiar with my stance on all things love and relationship and blah blah blah. Every year when I was coupled up I struggled with this day, first of all the:

"I don't really want to celebrate it, it's such a commercial holiday created by card companies to make money and make single girls all over the world feel horrible. I don't even caaaare... Let's do nothing."

Of course I cared you silly boy, buy me flowers. Do you know women but at all?

These days I spend a lot of time on Buzzfeed because lets face it, I'm a graduate on minimum wage what else would I do with all this spare time? They recently compiled the best and most relatable feature ever... and they've had a lot of relatable features, right? Right? Just me? Right.

Well here's a couple of images from 11 Emotionally Repressed Valentine's Cards For British People that totally sum up my Valentine's.

Catchy title.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Large shiraz over here, please.

Seriously though, don't.

A best friend of mine boycotts Valentine's, and instead celebrates her own holiday on February 14th... Ryantines. Gosling movie marathon day? Winner.

Who said I was bitter?

I remember one year buying my boyfriend a One Direction themed card, and writing 'LOL' on the inside because I'm hilarious and romantic and that.

There are however many advantages to Valentine's day:
1. Half price rom-com DVDs eeeeeverywhere, fill up your shelves then buy some wine and tissues because sorry Mindy, but you're not Sandra Bullock.
2. Half price chocolates. Yes. 
3. Getting steaming with your single best pals. Who needs men aaaanyway?! I'm not bitter.
4. Discounts pop up everywhere on all pieces of clothing adorned with hearts. See and thank me later.
5. Twitter becomes a right LOL with all us bitter singletons being going all GIRL POWER.

By all means Married Smugs et al, enjoy your day. Just don't post photos of that beautiful bouquet your oh so romantic other half sent to your work - how embarrassing!? 

Because then I will hate you. 

7p. Who said romance was dead?

Happy Valentine's!



  1. Hahah! The smart price one.. I kind of really want to give that to my bf.
    Seriously though, Valentine's is such a pain because whilst I don't want to do anything about it, it feels silly to ignore it too. (Is it just me or is it getting bigger every year?!) You sort of can't win. My philosophy is this: you don't HAVE to celebrate Valentines day just to show you love somebody, you can do that any day of the year, but just to show you can you still surprise them with something romantic on Valentines day. Or, if you don't have somebody to be romantic with, you celebrate by drinking a whole bottle of wine just because you can (hello that was me last year and je ne regrette rien.) xx

  2. Welcome back lovely, I missed your blog posts! Love this one too, I am happily coupled up and have been for quite some time, but I still love seeing things like this and reading all the terrible articles on 'advantages of being single / advantages of being in a couple / lots of random rubbish on the internet'. This year I decided to buy my mum and siblings Valentines, because none of them have a Valentine and I think my mum will love it :) Valentines was my dad's birthday too, so it's always a day tinged with sadness. She definitely deserves a little treat! I love number 9 haha, just don't tell my boyfriend I said that! Enjoy your anti-Valentines! xxx

  3. These are brilliant! My boyfriend and I have never celebrated Valentine's but we're sending cards this year since we live 500 miles apart now. x